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Student’s well-being and learning achievements are our top priority. Schoolwerks offers tuition classes from primary to secondary.

- Small group classes

- Personalized learning

- Motivating and aspiring teaching to accompany your child's learning journey.


About Us

Teaching pedagogy - lesson materials/syllabus

Being MOE-registered education centre, each lesson plan and materials are specially crafted to achieve learning objectives that are align with the current school syllabus. While we teach and equip our students with the right knowledge and skills, we also motivate our students to seek excellence in academics and attitude.


While the walls of classrooms are no longer barriers, technology has enabled new ways of learning. Students and teachers at Schoolwerks use technology such as multimedia videos, zoom classes, interactive screening and learning games that are collaboratively put together to achieve effective learning.

Our Classes

How We Stand Out 

We adopt a student-centered approach to education, focusing on individual needs and learning styles. We believe that every student has unique strengths and interests, and our programs are tailored to meet those specific requirements. We offer classes for students of different age groups, ranging from Primary to Secondary school students.

Small Class Size 

We adopt a Small Class Size approach to ensure individual attention, increased participation, better discipline, and personalized feedback, enhancing student learning outcomes.

Consultation Sessions 

Students can attend consultation sessions to make up on what they have missed out in school. This personalisation will ensure that your child meets the cut at the end of year when the exams are here!

Regular Review Session

Regular Review Sessions provide benefits such as tracking progress, identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, and providing personalized feedback.

Specialised Tutor On Each Subject 

We ensure that your child is taught by an experienced, specialized and professional tutor to ensure that quality results are received!

Head Start Advancement In Topics

We adopt this teaching approach to ensure that our students are well aware of the topics to be learnt and would not fall behind in their learning



"Both of my children attend Math and Science classes at Schoolwerks! The tutors are fun and encouraging. My children is always looking forward to attend classes at Schoolwerks"


"Hi Schoolwerks, many thanks for your team's continuous hard work, perseverance and consistent encouragement towards my daughter's progress! It was indeed a fruitful journey together."

Mrs Lai

"Heartfelt thanks to all her teachers who taught her Mathematics, English & Science at Schoolwerks 🙏🏻 It was a fulfilling learning year with Schoolwerks for my girl!"

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